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Bad at Cooking? These 12 TikTok Accounts Can Help.

If cooking isn’t your best skill, no need to worry. Food lovers from all over the world have joined TikTok to make cooking a little easier with 60 second videos. No matter your diet, there’s an account for you.


Being a vegetarian can be tricky when you’re not the best cook and are limited to food options. That’s why TikTok influencer Lexi decided to share some of her favorite vegetarian dishes and how to cook them. Her step-by-step tutorials make it easy for anyone to prepare a vegetarian meal. Even meat-eaters can try out these recipes!

Via TikTok @Lexitmiller


Verified Chef Shereen is no newbie to the cooking world, but her videos are for any stage cook, even if you’re stage 0. In her step-by-step tutorials, she includes the ingredients and measurements making it easy to follow along. She also gives tips and tricks for cooking. Within 60 seconds Shereen’s videos will teach you how to cook various meals from scratch like a professional chef.

Via TikTok @Cookingwithshereen

If you want to learn how to cook Hispanic and Latin inspired foods, then Chef Christian is the TikToker for you. He also offers a variety of other types of foods on his account. His step-by-step tutorials provide ingredients and measurements, with a side of comedy and memes.

Via TikTok @Spanishfarina


TikTok influencer Clara recently started her journey with eating a pescatarian diet and decided to bring her viewers along for the ride. For over 100 days she’s been documenting her fish-based meals. Clara also gives tutorials on how to cook some of the dishes. Aside from pescatarian inspiration, she includes some vegetarian meal options as well.

Via TikTok @Aesthetic.fooddiary

Vegan Based

TikTok icon Tabitha Brown is now a professional chef due to her cooking videos going viral. Every video includes ingredients, measurements, instructions, and sometimes tips for alternative ingredients. Eating no animal products can be limiting, but with Tabitha’s step-by-step tutorials you’ll be able to cook homemade vegan meals from scratch.

Via TikTok @Iamtabithabrown

Musical chef Gabrielle has a unique way of cooking. She’ll sing you though every recipe in her step-by-step tutorials. Her catchy tunes help with remembering the recipes by heart and making cooking fun. She also does free live cooking classes and makes informative videos about the vegan diet.

Via TikTok @Onegreatvegan

Gluten Free

Food blogger Lisa makes tutorial videos on how to cook quick and easy gluten free foods. She walks you through every dish, while showing you exactly how to prepare the food. Lisa also has videos on drink recipes and cooking hacks. If 60 seconds is too quick for you though, no worries! She also has a YouTube channel with longer cooking tutorials that go through each step more thoroughly.

Via TikTok @Downshiftology

Plant Based

Professional chef Cadittas makes daily step-by-step videos for plant-based cooking. Many of her recipes are also vegan and gluten free. Aside from food, she has drink recipes too! Cadittas is also a health coach, so sometimes she gives tips on having a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy diet.

Via TikTok @Caddittas


You can follow along Chef Janelle’s weightless on the Keto diet while also learning how to cook keto friendly foods. She has more than just cooking videos though; she has drink and low-carb recipes too. If you want more recipes than the ones on her TikTok, she has her own cookbook available for purchase!

Via TokTok @Janellerohner

Keto enthusiast Arash gives tutorials on the meals that have helped him lose over 100 pounds. This includes tutorials on his favorite keto snack and drink recipes. Most of the food he makes is low-carb friendly too. Arash also makes daily inspiration videos, tips for starting keto, and where to buy keto friendly foods.

Via TikTok @Ketorecipes

Low Carb

If you follow a low carb diet, or want to, then TikTok Influencer Sara can help you with quick and easy recipes. Her videos give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare the foods and what ingredients you’ll need. Many of her recipes are also keto friendly!

Via TikTok @Nutreientmatters


Whether you’re dairy-free by choice, or are lactose intolerant, TikTok influencer Hannah Jarrah has recipes for you! She makes daily videos like step-by-step cooking tutorials, food & drink recipes, workout techniques, and tips for living a healthy lifestyle while being dairy-free. Many of her videos are also vegan friendly and she encourages dairy consumers to try her recipes too!

Via TikTok @Han.jarr

Theses 12 accounts are filled with easy recipes, meal inspirations, and cooking hacks to help anyone interested in improving their cooking skills, all you need is 60 seconds.

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