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Marvel’s Shang-Chi Restarts Filming in Australia

Coronavirus shuts down everything

The surge of coronavirus cases around the world around March 2020 caused several non-essential operations to be suspended due to the global pandemic and shelter-in-place mandates. This included the complete pause of most of the live-action entertainment industry. Several big projects were put on hold such as Disney plus TV series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and upcoming Marvel films Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. These production suspensions have subsequently resulted in the films’ release to be delayed.

Shang Chi production is paused

Production crews and the cast of the film had actually begun production in Australia in March prior to the global pandemic. Director Daniel Cretton got tested for the virus before production was paused after undergoing voluntary self-quarantine and consulting his doctor who suggested for him to get tested. Although the test came back negative, Disney decided to take extra precautions and paused the production of the Marvel film.

Hollywood slowly begins to resume operations

Although several parts of the nation are still majorly locked down, some industries have slowly restarted operations. One of these industries includes Hollywood as several big film production attempts to cautiously restart filming. It has been discovered by several news sources that the film plans to continue production of the film in Sydney, Australia in Fox studios.

Footage from 7News Sydney has revealed the sets being constructed to restart the filming. There has also been helicopter footage showing the film set very clearly.

Shang-Chi is the second film that Disney resumed production in the middle of the pandemic. The first major film that restarted production was the Avatar sequel that is being filmed in New Zealand. New Zealand has contained their coronavirus cases relatively well thus allowing for a safer environment to restart filming. Similarly, Australia has also been able to contain their coronavirus cases allowing for production to restart assuming those coming into the country are also healthy.

Production precautions

As the cast and crew arrive, Marvel is currently preparing for them to resume production taking “careful steps” to do so. However, all cast and crew members must undergo a mandatory quarantine period that meets the country’s travel requirements.

Walt Disney Studios has attempted a similar restarting process with the NBA Orlando bubble which has been successful so far as several games have resumed with zero positive cases within the bubble. Thus, there is hope that the restarting of production on these films will allow for the films to still meet current release dates.

Something to look forward to

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is the first big Marvel film with an asian superhero lead along with a talented all-star asian cast as well. Assuming no further interruptions, the film should be able to meet its deadline to hit theaters in May next year.

Restarting this big film also paves the way for other Marvel projects such as Disney Plus’s Wandavision reportedly to have resumed filming in July and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which hopes to finalize filming in the fall in the Czech Republic.

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